The Pierce Rooftop Live Cam

Voxel Cloud is a three-dimensional illumination texture designed and created by Brain W. Brush to diffuse the Pierce roofline into the San Jose sky through a cloud of clustered light voxels draped atop the building. It is a dynamic illumination system composed of an array of data-driven RGB LED’s contained and connected through a matrix of reflective, metallic cube frames. Each frame is identical and when repeated in aggregate the collection generates a visually complex yet site-responsive structure capable of adapting to the building’s physical elements. The frames create a refractive medium through which the emitted light reflects, bounces, and travels, propagating multi-dimensional light through the city skyline.

Come visit The Pierce tonight and experience this illuminated art!

LEASING GALLERY 2 Pierce Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110

OPEN DAILY 9am–6pm  CALL 844-497-3503.